With guidance by Mr. Chuck and Mr. Mac, kindergarten and 1st grade students are continuing their preparation for an upcoming visit to Cherry Creek by donning waders and using nets to scoop up "practice macroinvertebrates," all from the comfort of the gym lobby! #ExperienceWCS #WCSJeffersonSTEM
20 days ago, Jefferson Spartans
creek prep1
creek prep2
creek prep3
Field Day is a short 23 days away (May 24th), and we are in need of as many Bunch O Balloons as you're willing to donate! Kids L-O-V-E water balloons on the last day of school, and we rely on your kind generosity each year to continue to make this happen. ​ Please drop off any quantity of the self-sealing water balloons only (brand name Bunch O Balloons) in the school office. We so appreciate your help with this! ​ #ExperienceWCS
20 days ago, Jefferson Spartans
Bunch O Balloons
It's National School Principal's Day! Shout-out to Mr. Wall!
20 days ago, Jefferson Spartans
Mr. Wall
Everyone is invited to the 1st & 2nd grade music program tonight! #ExperienceWCS
20 days ago, Jefferson Spartans
Spring program
Come one, come all! Tonight is STEM Family Night at Jefferson, starting at 6pm! #ExperienceWCS #WCSJeffersonSTEM
21 days ago, Jefferson Spartans
STEM Night 4/30
The month of May is knocking on the door, and at Jefferson that means SPARTAN SENIOR BREAKFAST! We love honoring our former Jefferson 6th graders who are ready to take the next big step: Graduation from High School! Please use this form to RSVP: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdRsEH9e7gSW18xu34ZZgpcXXCMjTdrV9qyXxnUJl9vmpUFkA/viewform?usp=sf_link We can't wait to see you again! #ExperienceWCS
22 days ago, Jefferson Spartans
Senior Breakfast
Earlier today, Jefferson students participated with all WCS Elementary Robotics Clubs in a showcase competition at the TRAC, supported by the Zimmer Biomet Foundation and Warsaw Community Schools. ​ Photo credits: Ms. Shubhra ​ #ExperienceWCS #WCSJeffersonSTEM
24 days ago, Jefferson Spartans
Jefferson kindergarten students worked with Mr. Chuck and Mr. Mac on their continued study of macroinvertebrates. This week, students drew macroinvertebrates and did a fabulous job! #ExperienceWCS
25 days ago, Jefferson Spartans
Mr. Chuck & Kinder
Mr. Mac & kinder
Macroinvertebrates drawing
Mr. Overman's 6th grade class is the winner of Via Credit Union Student Branch's April competition to save! The class has won an ice cream party (date TBD), and Mr. Overman will receive a gift card! ​ Saving is a reward in and of itself, so keep bringing in those deposits! It's also not too late to begin an account. Contact the office for details and paperwork. ​ Thank you to our partners at Via Credit Union for encouraging financial literacy among Jefferson students. ​ #ExperienceWCS
25 days ago, Jefferson Spartans
April Via
Happy National Administrative Professionals Day to the best of the best, Mrs. Terpstra and Mrs. Smith! We would be lost without them! #ExperienceWCS
27 days ago, Jefferson Spartans
Terpstra Smith
Save the date, Former Jefferson Teachers and This Year's Seniors who graduated from Jefferson in 6th grade! Please mark your calendars now for our annual celebration: Spartan Senior Breakfast! The date will be Monday, May 20th from 9:00am–10:10am. More details to follow! #ExperienceWCS
28 days ago, Jefferson Spartans
save the date
For the second year in a row, the Jefferson Library has enjoyed hosting an aquarium of local fish from Lilly Center for Lakes and Streams. But just as our school year is beginning to wind down, so too is that of Grace College. Many of the student workers will be preparing to leave campus soon, so one of their tasks in April is to make the rounds in the community to bring all of the aquariums and their fishy residents back to Lilly Center. ​ Jefferson students thoroughly enjoyed the aquarium this school year and are anxiously asking if we will have another next year! (We already submitted our application!) We love how invested our Spartans are in this fascinating and enriching experience. ​ #ExperienceWCS #WCSJeffersonSTEM
about 1 month ago, Jefferson Spartans
See you next year, Fishies!
As a reminder, ordering for this year's yearbook will close on FRIDAY, APRIL 19th, 2024. Yearbooks are made to order, meaning we will not have extras to sell. ​ If you want one (only $13 for 40 pages!), please order by this Friday's deadline! We don't want you to miss out! ​ Order here: https://blossers.wufoo.com/forms/jefferson-20232024-yearbook-order/
about 1 month ago, Jefferson Spartans
While you are out and about today, consider swinging by the WCHS Performing Arts Center between 10 and 4 to view some incredible art, created by WCS elementary students, including some from Jefferson! ​ #ExperienceWCS
about 1 month ago, Jefferson Spartans
art show
Among many other amazing attributes, Jefferson also boasts having its own bee colony! The hive arrived last spring, donated by County Farm Bees, for the purpose of STEM exploration. According to Mr. Wall, Jefferson's principal, "The purpose of this venture is to learn more about sustainability and pollinators and how a hive works, as well as to enjoy tasty honey!" ​ You may be wondering just how a colony survives the colder months. The bees actually eat their own honey that they produce and then save for the winter, in order to weather the cold successfully. Now that the outside temperatures are warming, we can expect activity within the hive to become more active. ​ Our bee hive is located behind the school, where we also have a vegetable garden, along with some flowers. This area provides a vital "pollinator pathway" for our incredibly important, remarkable insect friends. ​ #ExperienceWCS
about 1 month ago, Jefferson Spartans
bee hive
After days of activities, study, and anticipation, students were finally able to participate in viewing the historic solar eclipse on Monday, April 8, 2024. Even though Winona Lake was not quite in the path of 100% totality, our location still provided a wonderful show overhead. Several parents even came to Jefferson to watch with their children. What an experience! ​ Photo credit: Mrs. Pathak ​ #ExperienceWCS
about 1 month ago, Jefferson Spartans
We are incredibly grateful for our army of often unsung heroes, known as our Paraprofessionals or "Paras." We hope they are having a truly restful, recharging Spring Break. #ExperienceWCS
about 2 months ago, Jefferson Spartans
Para Appreciation
Our Jefferson Chess Teams are competing at State today! Go, Spartans! #ExperienceWCS
about 2 months ago, Jefferson Spartans
Back in the fall, Jefferson students raised money through our one-and-only fundraiser and earned several rewards as a result. Today was the day to slime Mr. Wall! Joining in the frivolity on a frigid Friday were also Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Terpstra. Top prize-earners got to do the sliming, along with a few teachers and even WL Officer Joe Bumbaugh! Needless to say, fun was had by all, as evidenced by the smiles in the "after" photo. Still to come in April: Kona Ice Truck reward! Hopefully the weather will be a bit more cooperative! #ExperienceWCS
2 months ago, Jefferson Spartans
Last week, 5th graders and their kindergarten buddies got to go on a very special St. Patrick's scavenger hunt together. The 5th-grade team put together clues that buddy teams had to solve, which led them to another spot in the school with another clue. The hunt ended in the library with Jefferson's favorite leprechaun, Mr. McClintock, handing out lucky charms from his pot of gold. #ExperienceWCS ​ A great time was had by all! #ExperienceWCS
2 months ago, Jefferson Spartans