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Please contact the Class of 2026 team if you have any questions.



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Class of 2026

Welcome back to Warsaw Community High School! The principal for the Class of 2026 will be Heather Graham. The counselor will be Anna Riggins. Mrs. Sarah Anderson is your "team mom" in the 2026 office.

Important Information

Dear Class of 2026 Parents and Caregivers,

As we start the new semester, the following suggestions will help your student stay on track. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

  1. Have your student request to be signed out for SRT (student resource time) by the teacher whose class they are struggling in.  We have SRT on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

  2. Request to be signed up for 8th hour.  8th hour is a study time right after school until 4:15 pm and is held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.  It is not used as a punishment, but rather in a way to help support students.  Parents or students can request to be signed out.  Any staff member can sign a student up for an 8th hour.

  3. Request a peer tutor.  All students have received a google form to request senior students from National Honors Society to be their tutor during SRT.  Our counseling department will help facilitate this tutoring. 

  4. I would always recommend that parents or caregivers contact teachers, as needed, anytime throughout the year.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at hgraham@warsawschools.org.  

Best wishes this semester, 

Heather Graham

Principal of the Class of 2026

Scheduling for Sophomore year!

Students are able to enter their course requests into the portal through February 1st. After then, the portal will be closed and I will begin individual meetings with each student to discuss their requests, look over 4 year plans, and make sure all requirements are being met.

Here's a quick reminder of how to enter the portal.

putting courses in powerschool. we will be going over everything in english class next week. you can find your course requests by using powerschool on a web browser, not the app. Click unofficial transcript on the left hand side. then select "class registration". you will see each subject listed and can pick your classes from there. screen shots of the powerschool website and white text against a chalkboard background

Here are some key points to remember when requesting classes as well.

scheduling key points: Credits not classes. looking for 14 credits: Classes that include a "Y" next to the course number are year long and count for 2 credits. Ex. E1004Y - English 10 cp. You need a total of 14 credits NOT classes. the total at the bottom of the request form does not accurately count credits. Requirements by the end of 10th grade you need: world history A and B. 2 credits in PE (can be PE AD or PE 1 and 2). 1 health class or 3 family and consumer science classes (FACS) (PCC, child dev, nutrition and wellness, interpersonal relationships, adult roles or human development [1 yr or 5 yr]) Also be sure you are choosing a principles course from the back side of the selection sheet! What's next? English english 9cp > English 10 cp H English 9 > H english 10 Math Alg 1 > Geometry Geometry > Algebra 2 CP Algebra 2 > Precalc/trig Science Earth Space > Biology Biology> ICP or chemistry Chemistry > Physics or other science options listed

Remember the portal will close February 1st and after that any changes to course requests must come through me during our individual meetings. If you have questions please email me, ariggins@warsawschools.org.


Ms. Riggins

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