Principles of Cosmetology / Cosmetology Fundamentals

Advanced Cosmetology / Cosmetology Capstone

Principles of Cosmetology offers an introduction to cosmetology with emphasis on basic practical skills and theories including roller control, quick styling, shampooing, hair coloring, permanent waving, facials, manicuring, business and personal ethics, and bacteriology and sanitation. Advanced Cosmetology will emphasize the development of advanced skills in styling, hair coloring, permanent waving, facials, manicuring, chemical texturing, and hair cutting techniques. Cosmetology Capstone builds and improves previously developed skills with emphasis on developing individual techniques. Professionalism, shop management, psychology in relation to cosmetology, and preparation for state board examination are stressed. For more information about this course, please check our WACC Course of Study Guide.

Successful completion of the course requires at least 375 Cosmetology studio hours.

For more information about our cosmetology program, please contact the teacher, Tina Streby

student applying nails for a client

student practicing styling on a mannequin

student practicing barber cut on a client