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Health & PE Department Leader
Mr. Scott Erba
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Physical Education (Boys and Girls):
(2 semesters)

A required class for graduation, students must complete 2 credits either by taking this during the school year, taking Summer School, or taking a PE Waiver (only 1 credit is available through the PE Waiver). Our students are introduced to a variety of fitness training and sporting/game units that expose them to activities we expand upon in our Elective classes. While the Indiana State Graduation Requirement is only 2 semesters, we strongly encourage all students to take as many Elective Physical Education classes as possible in the remainder of their high school career to establish positive habits and fitness levels to prepare them for post-high school life.

Health & Wellness:
(1 semester)

A required class for graduation, this class provides a foundation of education on student health and well-being. A wide variety of comprehensive topics are covered to assist students navigate the complex topic of personal and community health with ample hands-on activities and guest speakers to bring lessons to life.


Athlete Development:
(1 Semester)

For our athletes wanting and needing to improve their sport performance through the proper and supervised development of STRENGTH, POWER, SPEED, and AGILITY. The programming designed by our certified strength and conditioning specialist, Brian Lockhart, is proven to increase all facets of athleticism. If you are a serious athlete looking to invest in your athletic pursuits, this class is a must-have every semester. This course may be taken multiple times.

Lifetime Recreation & Sports I & II:
(1 Semester)

For our students who enjoy competing in sports and are ready for the next level of SKILL DEVELOPMENT and STRATEGY. Class competition, sportsmanship, advanced strategies and student creativity are all part of making this class unique and popular. This course may be taken multiple times.

Water Safety Instructor:
(1 Semester)

For our dedicated students interested in learning how to teach swim lessons as directed by the American Red Cross. Next stop: Swim Instructor! This course may only be taken once.

Body Transformation:
(1 Semester)

For our students who desire to improve their overall health and fitness levels while establishing sound EXERCISE and NUTRITION plans to use on their own. This course is designed to help make an immediate impact on student health as well as establish habits and a knowledge base to continue living a healthy lifestyle beyond the class. This course may be taken multiple times.

Outdoor Education:
(1 Semester)

For our students interested in embracing a wildlife conservationist role, developing outdoor survival skills while earning their Hunter Safety and Boater’s Education certification. Archery(NASP), building shelters, starting fires, orienteering, water purification, wildlife identification, and the relationship between humans and nature are all essential units in this course. This course may only be taken once.

Weight Training:
(1 Semester)

For our non-athlete students interested in developing a strength training program and learning how to lift safely and properly. STRENGTH and MUSCULAR ENDURANCE are the two main components of the class as it progresses from teacher-led programming to student-led programming (once essential standards are met). This course may be taken multiple times.

(1 Semester)

For our students interested in learning the lifesaving skills developed by the American Red Cross that will earn them their Lifeguarding and First Aid/CPR/AED cards. Next stop: Lifeguarding job! This course may only be taken once.

Philosophy of Coaching/Sports Studies:
(1 Semester)

For our students interested in understanding the roles and responsibilities of coaching and how to develop a personal philosophy of coaching based on leadership, communication and skill development. This course may only be taken once.

Intramural Sports

Get involved with fun activities with friends and classmates!

Registration forms, deadlines, team sign ups and rules/regulations will be posted soon so keep checking back!

Yearly schedule will be forthcoming but we expect to have:

  • Dodgeball

  • Badminton

  • Basketball

  • Volleyball

  • Floor Hockey

  • Whiffle Ball

  • 3-on-3 Challenge Day

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