student & adult standing in front of DePuy sign

Employer: DePuy

Student’s Job Title:  Finance Intern

Supervisor:  Amanda Gould, Senior Finance Manager

What are your job responsibilities: I help the Finance Team in Warsaw with their projects.

How has this position been helpful to you?  I have learned about what it is like to work in an office and what it is like to work in finance.

What have you learned? The most important skill I have learned is working in Excel.

How is this job preparing you for the future?  By giving me knowledge of what it is like to work in finance.

What do you like about this job?  I have enjoyed working with the team and being able to learn from my co-workers.

What Career Center classes have you taken in your pathway? Honors Advanced Accounting, Principles of Business Management, Introduction to Accounting, and Introduction to Business.

Your Career and College Plans: I am planning to attend Indiana University to study Accounting and Finance.

Supervisor Input: 

What duties does this student perform? 

He works with our Senior Finance analyst on projects and helps them with tasks.  He has done a lot of process improvements for our team on ideas they have but haven't had time to implement.  These improvements allow our team to do things quicker and easier in the future freeing up time.  

How is this job preparing this student for the future? 

It is our hope that the tasks Will completes will give him a knowledge of what a financial analyst does.  These tasks have prepared him for difficult excel files and formulas that he has not had exposure to in school.  This will prepare him well for not only his studies in college but in the workforce in finance. 

What do you think of the WACC Work-Based Learning program?

The WBL program is such a great opportunity for our students.  It gives them first hand experience into what they may someday encounter in the workforce.  I also find it so rewarding for the students to gain some exposure, allowing them to help focus their career choice down.  

Why were you willing to partner with the WACC in this program?

My son Jaxson is actually participating in the WBL program which is giving him some great exposure.  My participating is a way for me to give back to another student as I feel very confident that this program offers opportunities and benefits to our students.  I'm hopeful J&J finance can continue partnering with WACC.

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