Class Schedules

WCHS class schedules are available on Powerschool now. Please read the schedule change request information below carefully.  

Schedule change requests need to be submitted by the end of the day, Monday, July 31st.   

Please note:

  • Changes will be made in the order they were received. 
  • Your request may be granted if there is space available in the class. The class size of the requested drop will also be considered.  
  •  If you want to change more than one class, you will need to fill out the form for each class. However, please do not complete the form more than once for the same request
  • Your grade level counselor will call you down once school begins, IF necessary.   Please check your email and Powerschool daily to note possible updates and responses.

 After the Required Dates, the only reasons for a schedule change include:

  1. Failure to complete course prerequisites.
  2. Class change is needed to complete a graduation requirement.
  3. Course has already been completed.
  4.  Request to add a course required for college or NCAA (with documentation from the college)
  5. Student has failed with a teacher previously in a course, and he/she is assigned to the same teacher for exactly the same course (if different teacher is available)
  6.  Program change (Gateway, Co-op or Internship period adjustments, or Higher Education).
  7. The school reserves the right to cancel any class due to personnel or lack of enrollment and students will be given the opportunity to select an alternative course.
  8. Teacher/counselor/administrator recommendation for a change based on ability of student and chosen career pathway.

All students will be scheduled for periods one through seven. Exceptions require administrator approval.

Full year Classes - After the start of school there will be no changes of full year classes unless:

  1. Teacher/counselor/administrator recommendation and administration approval for a change based on the ability of the student.
  2. Failure to complete course prerequisites.

AP, Dual Credit, and Honors Classes - Students are not permitted to drop these classes without approval from grade level and/or building principals even before scheduling change request due date.  

Please use this LINK to submit your schedule change request(s).