Grant Award Winners

The Warsaw Education Foundation recently awarded 11 Warsaw teachers with grant funding for their classrooms!

Thank you to our teachers for all you do and thank you to the community for supporting our WCS teachers!

Summary of the 11 grants awarded this cycle: 

Title: Calculating Algebra

Summary:Providing a  set of Texas Instrument calculators Algebra I students.

Teacher: Kim Dawson

School: Warsaw Community High School

Title: Making English Learning Fun and Engaging

Summary: Increasing the supply of hands-on learning tools and games for our English Language Learners.

Teacher: Brooke Friedberg

School: Jefferson Elementary School

Title: Pumpkin Chunkin

Summary: A class wide (hopefully school wide) competition among 7th graders to design and build catapults that will launch small pumpkins as far as they can.

Teacher: Robin Coffman

School: Lakeview Middle School

Title: Adding style-for-less to digital paintings

Summary: Using a drawing stylus to aid in digital drawings on the Ipad tablet.

Teacher: Kelly Morrow

School: Warsaw Community High School

Title: The Motivation Room Project

Summary: The goal of this project is to provide a calming, sensory centered space for all students to utilize at various points throughout the day, where they can take brain breaks, learn and develop appropriate coping mechanisms, and de-stress so that they are able to find the motivation to be successful in the classroom.

Teacher: Kayla May

School: Eisenhower Elementary School

Title: Social Emotional Learning for Preschool

Summary: Our goal is to provide early intervention for social emotional learning for preschool students to empower our community preschool teachers and equip them with the tools necessary to support social emotional learning in the classroom setting.

Teacher: Emily MacDonald, Kelly Duncan, Julie Robinson, Stacey Ousley

School: Lincoln Elementary School

Title: Publications Camera Repair

Summary: The WCHS Publications department is in need of funding to repair our old cameras and lenses thereby granting more opportunities for more students.

Teacher: Erin Leinbach

School: Warsaw Community High School

Title: Foundations in Personal Finance

Summary: This program will teach middle school students about finances.

Teacher: Nicole Landon

School: Edgewood Middle School

Title: Lifetime Reading Achievement Award for All Readers

Summary: Equipping all students to become successful readers.

Teacher: Lauren Harbison

School: Jefferson Elementary School

Title: Recipe for Success

Summary: This project will fund to replace old and worn equipment and supplies in the Family and Consumer Science (FACS) Kitchen Labs.

Teacher: Lynette Hawn

School: Edgewood Middle School

Title: Design It: A Collaborative Project

Summary: Designing and producing a school spirit shirt collaboratively between Digital Design & Publications and Design & Modeling courses.

Teacher: Abbi Richcreek

School: Edgewood Middle School

The Warsaw Education Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization established to support teachers and students in Warsaw Community Schools, announces 11 teacher grant recipients for the Fall 2022 grant cycle! The Foundation is funding over $7,000 worth of grants to support teachers with materials for learning projects in Warsaw Schools.