2 men holding certificates
man standing by a airplane holding a certificate
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Photo Provided: Hope Rose, Vanessa Eudave, Hailey Booher, Emily McNees, Cierra Ousley, Elizabeth Palacios-Sanchez and Ms. Sims.   Photo Provided: Hailey Booher
Photo Provided: Brass Quintet: Avimael Fugate, Mattix Garrett, Mariana Conde, Hallie Hertzler and Cate Harris   Photo Provided: Karissa Brath, Jonah Zimmerman, Ian Parrott, and Director Angela Dieleman   Photo Provided: Melanie Hertzler, Liam Watkins, Doondeeshwar Patnala
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FAFSA check list
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Photo Provided: Bert Rodriguez with WCHS Co-Workers
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Photo Provided: Tony Denhart with Roundtable Students from Warsaw, Wawasee and Whitko
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Photo Provided: Warsaw FFA Chapter Members with Mr. Riley at the Indiana FFA Leadership Development Workshop earlier this school year.  (L to R): Alyssa Krichbaum, Cale Wise, Gentry Hall, Paula Serrano , Alyssa Swanson, Breanna Thompson, Kiersten Gagnon, Rylan Cooper, and Mr. Jacob Riley
Group of individuals around microphones for the Tigercast Podcast
Photo Provided: Daniel Ament
wchs art
Photo Provided: The Cast of “Where Words Once Were”
TCU Night